Guide To A Perfect Essay Structure

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Format and style

When writing an essay, students are expected to follow a given format and style of writing to be able to deliver a perfectly written essay.

Key elements

There are key areas that must be covered in an essay and it is important to understand them before getting down writing anything.

Expert help

You can consider using the help of a professional essay writing service to get the facts right before writing your essay.

Tips on Lengthening Your Essay

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have finished writing your paper and are ready for submission, then you realize that the number of pages in your text does not match the required quantity as presented by your instructor? If you get caught up in such a fix, and you want to make your paper longer, follow the tricks below to help you out.

Use a larger font. If, by chance, the tutor did not clarify the type of font to get used in writing, utilize Courier New, Arial, or Cambria. Make sure you do not exaggerate as your work may look vague.

You can make adjustments to the sizes of the fonts used. For example, if you get asked to use font 11 pt., you can increase it to 11.2, 11.3, or 11.5, and the results will make the paper longer. You can as well increase the font sizes of your commas and periods. To achieve this, press CTRL+F on your keyboard. A window appears labeled find and replace. Click on the 11pt commas and full-stops and change them to 12pt.

You may alternatively alter the spacing of your script. After you get instructions to use single or double spacing in your work, click on format, and then paragraph. Afterward, choose the line Spacing, and select Multiple, then take 1.1 or 2.1 in the box that drops.

Check on your margin lane and make sure you are using the correct one. To make it not noticeable, alter it by a quarter. For example, when the instructor chooses a margin of 1.5cm, you can change it to 0.9cm. To achieve this, click on Format, and then Document. In the box that appears beside the right input 0.9.

You can also try boosting the bottom margin by a quarter. You can achieve this by locating the document box beside “Bottom” and replace the value with 1.25. when you see it registering noticeable changes, revert it to 1.15.

You can increase the spaces between your words in the piece. It also adds on to the number of pages. Do this by hitting on “Font” and select “Advanced.” In the “Expanded” section, feed-in 1.6.

You also have the option of increasing the size of your header. Input your full name, the registration number you have, the credentials of your instructor, the email, and the date of submission. Ensure that all the required information gets presented in the header and double-space it to increase the coverage.

Put the paper’s title under the header and ensure it is centralized with a perfect font that has an increased size. Make sure you double-space it too. You can also have an additional footer at the bottom of your pages that contains the number of the pages. It will effectively lengthen your paper.

Now that you have read how to make your paper longer by altering the commas and periods, you can also do it using the words in your text. For example, if there is a number within your work with a value less than ten, tend to spell it out instead of shortening it with numerals.

It is not advisable to use abbreviations or short forms of words in formal writing. Instead of writing “won’t,” fill it out as will not.