Guide To A Perfect Essay Structure

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Format and style

When writing an essay, students are expected to follow a given format and style of writing to be able to deliver a perfectly written essay.

Key elements

There are key areas that must be covered in an essay and it is important to understand them before getting down writing anything.

Expert help

You can consider using the help of a professional essay writing service to get the facts right before writing your essay.

Professional Tips On Writing A Short Essay On Poverty

A short essay on poverty does not have to attract a poor grade. The length does not in any way stop you from applying the required rules of writing. In fact, it gives you an opportunity to show that you understand what is expected of your writing. This is through adherence to the stipulated writing rules.

How do you write a strong essay on poverty alleviation?

Choose a Captivating Topic

The first element that captures the attention of your reader is the title. An interesting title will make your paper equally interesting to read. Choose words that hook a reader and make him curious to read beyond the title. An essay about poverty could focus on the economic, education, political, natural resources, health, historical and other factors that cause poverty. While two people are focusing on causes of poverty, for example, the choice of words to describe the causes will make one paper captivating and the other boring to read.

A title that is captivating must be relevant to the current discussion and your grade. For instance, there is a topic on poverty that should be handled by grade 5 and another for PhD level. You should also choose words and a perspective that is interesting. The fact that you are engaged in an academic exercise is not a reason to leave your readers bored.

Research Thoroughly

Poverty has a lot of angles to it and each case is unique. For instance, an essay on poverty in India will be different from one about Japan or a country in Africa. Each case has own facts that should be reviewed independently. This happens through extensive research.

Read high quality and authoritative books on poverty. This allows you to obtain credible data that can stand extensive scrutiny that takes place in academic writing. By reading widely, you interact with knowledge from other writers and have a wider perspective when writing. This makes your paper more captivating to read.

Create An Outline

Planning is an important element of any writing process. Your essay on causes of poverty will be more interesting to read when you create a strong outline. The outline is a plan of the points to discuss and the order in which they will appear from introduction to conclusion. This plan helps in crafting a compelling paper because you will not repeat any idea or leave some out. The outline also helps you to place different points at strategic positions in order to create the desired impact.

Format Your Paper

Formatting refers to several elements including organization of your cover page, the font type you use, the font size, citations, spacing and references, among others. The structure and presentation of your paper will be determined by the formatting style used. Your essay on world poverty can be formatted using MLA or APA, depending on instructions given by your tutor. Each formatting style requires you to strictly follow the rules given. Failure to follow these rules will result in punitive penalties. Use a sample or formatting app to ensure that you get the formatting right.

Never submit your essay on poverty in English without editing and proofreading. An editor will eliminate errors in typing, word choices, sentence construction and other language issues. You should also consider allowing a person who understands the topic on poverty better than you to review your paper or even write cheap essays.