Guide To A Perfect Essay Structure

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Format and style

When writing an essay, students are expected to follow a given format and style of writing to be able to deliver a perfectly written essay.

Key elements

There are key areas that must be covered in an essay and it is important to understand them before getting down writing anything.

Expert help

You can consider using the help of a professional essay writing service to get the facts right before writing your essay.

Crafting A Winning Essay Outline In A Few Steps

Drawing a proper outline or structure is a primary step to create a high quality essay. An ideal essay outline example helps you in:

  1. Sorting out and arrange all the information and data in a logical manner to support or prove your point of view on the topic.
  2. Achieving faculty approval easily as you sometimes you will be required to present the outline before starting further work.
  3. Makes it easier and more effective when you start writing the essay.

You can look up for essay outline samples in different sites to get an idea. Some sites even provide with different essay outline template. However a fixed outline template might not suit your need so here are some practical and basic instructions to create an effective one.

Understand the assignment

Every assignment has a purpose. Go through the instructions of your assigned essay to understand it properly. Make sure that all aspects are clear to you before you start work. This understanding will help you to select your topic and approach and also in writing the entire essay. Clarify any point from your mentor if required and take a note of the most important instructions. Don't hesitate to get homework help if needed.

Who is your reader?

If you can identify the readers of your essay then your task will be easier. Is it only your teacher/ faculty or there will be some guest faculty/instructor? Will they be people from related field or from other areas as well? If you know your readers then you can anticipate their knowledge on the topic and structure accordingly.

Select your topic and approach

Your outline will depend more on the approach you choose for your topic. A persuasive essay outline will be different from a definitive essay. Your approach to the topic will dictate the logical steps of points to arrive at the conclusion you want. These broad steps will form the loose outline for your essay. This will also help you to select appropriate information and avoid redundant ones while researching. You have to be careful that your determined purpose goes with the purpose of the assignment. Essay outlines examples available in resources on writing will give you an idea about outlining in different approaches.

Form a central question or statement

Forming a central question/statement or an idea is the backbone of your essay. Without this your essay might sound like a collection of random thoughts without any connection. For a topic which has multiple arguments be sure that there is enough information to make your point.

Organize the points

List the broad points in favor of your point of view and arrange them logically. Also list the points opposing your point. Order these points according to your ideas and approach.

Research your important points

After you’ve identified your main points, research for supporting theories, facts, quotes, data and even anecdotes, to prove them. Fleshing out each of the broad ideas can save a lot of time while writing the essay.

Don’t be rigid

While researching you may come up with facts which may modify your essay. Being rigid with your outline can hamper the betterment of your essay. Revise your findings constantly and be flexible to incorporate the changes. Not only an essay outline forms the basic structure of your essay, it should also summarize what you want to say. A proper essay with outline thus reflects and manages the content of your essay in a logical manner.