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Format and style

When writing an essay, students are expected to follow a given format and style of writing to be able to deliver a perfectly written essay.

Key elements

There are key areas that must be covered in an essay and it is important to understand them before getting down writing anything.

Expert help

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Tips On Writing A Captivating Essay About My Best Friend

It sounds easy when you are asked to write a short essay on My Best Friend. Unfortunately, this is one of the topics where most students fail terribly. The assumption is that you know your best friend and can write fast. Unknown to you, the teacher is looking for more than a description of your friend. Most pupils will craft a mundane piece that does not elicit any excitement. Here are professional writing tips that will make your paper outstanding and everyone's envy in your class.

Choice of Topic

Friends are known to be good, and it will be expected that everyone will describe this goodness. However, in this best friend essay writing task, you need to find a unique angle about captivating friendship. Choose a topic that describes the friend in such a way that the reader begins to rethink his friendship with other people. The topic should be fresh and relevant. It must also be interesting to read from the beginning. Use the title as a hook to capture your reader's imagination to desire to read into the body of your paper.

Extensive Research

It appears that friendship is obvious. Luckily, many people have written on the topic with the aim of describing this phenomenon. Read about the experiences and expectations of other people. You may be surprised that what you think is a negative trait like being harsh on you and failing to support all your intentions is a bad characteristic. Research helps you to find interesting facts and insights for your describe my best friend essay. Yours will not be a simple and obvious narrative about escapades with friends. It will be an intellectual engagement that every reader will want to encounter. This makes the paper stand out and gains your recognition as a top student.

Proper Presentation

Presentation makes your speech on my best friend interesting to read and listen to. The ideas should flow seamlessly from the introduction to the conclusion. This happens through the use of an outline. The outline helps to organize your ideas. You will also use the outline to brainstorm and, therefore, know whether you have enough points, which points should be merged, and which points need to be split. With an outline, you will avoid repetition, which kills the beauty of your writing. Use formal language in your presentation. However, colour the paper with carefully chosen words that bring out the unique element in your writing.


Formatting forms part of a good presentation for your best friend essay, but it requires more attention. There are very strict rules on formatting that should be followed when writing. The teacher issues instructions on the formatting style to use. It could be APA or MLA, among others. The rules governing these styles are very strict. Adhere to them to avoid penalties or misleading your readers.


There must be something unique about my best friend essay in English than what your classmates are doing. This makes your paper stand out because it is not monotonous. Choose a unique topic, give unique experiences, and adapt a structure that stands out from other papers on the same topic.

There are samples of my friend essay available to guide your writing process. Get them or buy essay online from writing services to guide you in crafting a captivating paper. Discuss the samples with your teacher before using them.